Help Support our Athletes

Northshore Water Polo Booster Club coordinates with Northshore's Inglemoor High School Athletic Department to host Boys and Girls high school water polo teams. Following 18 months of COVID disruption, our young players are eager to experience high school in person, and to participate in sports, including water polo. Turnout for the 2021 Boys team was unexpectedly high and we are fundraising to support their season as well as to lay a foundation for a successful Girls Water Polo season in Spring of 2022.

Water Polo is a pay-to-play sport in our school district, and player costs rose this season for a number of reasons. The Booster Club raises funds to offset costs and to help provide a quality sport experience for our student athletes.

We accept secure online donations through PayPal. Please check back to learn about upcoming fundraising activities and events. 

 Program Background

Northshore Water Polo has run for many years with the agreement of the district to be self-funded, follow WIAA rules, and demonstrate growth towards the goal of one day having four individual high school teams. The Booster Club has managed the finances of the sport, submitting a budget to the school each year representing a financial plan which we both understood, and then a mix of fundraising and player fees covered the costs of pool time, referees, and coaching. These have always been costly, and it has been a goal to build the club financial strategy so that these costs were spread out across more players, with more energy for fundraising. COVID was an interruption in that growth plan, and we are working to rebuild the sport in our school district.

We were informed over the summer that due to OSPI 1660, the management of all of these costs had to shift to the lnglemoor Athletic Department which would coordinate directly with parents regarding fees. We very recently learned that the costs of the sport have ballooned due to new union agreements for coaches and escalating pool costs. We weren't prepared for the additional expense, so are working fast to try to help.

The Booster Club has the ability to continue to fundraise and contribute to offset the cost, even though we no longer manage the fees directly. In order to allow some time to raise funds, the district has agreed to break up the costs into monthly installments.  We want to help to solve the immediate issue facing the 2021 Boys and 2022 Girls seasons, so we're on a race to raise funds in time to offset the costs of the 2021-22 school year. 

Longer term, it is our hope to build a stable, well-staffed Booster Club that works continuously to grow the sport of Water Polo within Northshore.